Live Comedy Showcase at Studio 13

If you’re like me, you miss the good ol’ days; heading to the bar after work with your coworkers or friends, maybe to listen to a local band, or catch a comedy show or an open mic night. If you’ve been keeping your eye out for a live event that you can enjoy, but still… Continue reading Live Comedy Showcase at Studio 13

Cain Center of the Arts Releases Final Designs

On June 2, 2020, the Cain Center for the Arts Released its final design renderings for the future space. This highly-anticipated news has spurred excitement in the community, as the excitement to welcome the Cain Center for the Arts to the OTC Scene grows.

The More the Merrier! Drive-In Movies In OTC Moves To a Bigger Venue

Drive-In Movies in Old Town Cornelius is the event summer series of 2020. This social-distancing friendly event is bringing a classic idea to the streets of Cornelius…and now at a bigger venue — The Lake Norman YMCA!

Reflection Series: Part One: I Take Pause

Old Town Cornelius introduces this reflection series as a way to empower the voices in our community to express their thoughts and feelings about the uncertainty and discomfort of the current political and social climate. Throughout this series, we hope to begin the dialogue that is so important to initiate change in our community and in our world. Additionally, we hope that this series can document the current state of our world, and allow us to all reflect.

Cool Fish LKN’s Live DJ Stream Is Bringing Live Music to Your Home

Cool Fish LKN aims to create a casual social space for community members to come together to enjoy good food and creative drinks, making unforgettable memories. This mission presented a great obstacle for the owner, Alex Atkins, during the age of COVID-19. How could he continue to bring together the community during a time when we are supposed to be apart? The answer — Live DJ Streaming all month long!

Who is my Neighbor? Charity knows no distinctive other than one is in need.

Written by: David Judge The term, Good Samaritan, is familiar to most people even if they’ve never cracked open the Bible to the Gospel of Luke where the parable is found.  In that passage of chapter 10, Jesus is asked what one must do to inherit eternal life.   Quoting from Deuteronomy and Leviticus, respectively, Jesus… Continue reading Who is my Neighbor? Charity knows no distinctive other than one is in need.

Familiar Faces, Where Are They Now? OTPH Beertender Update

It’s been well over a month since Old Town’s neighborhood coffeehouse and pub has closed it’s doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As many are eager to get back to enjoying the pub’s Cheers-reminiscent atmosphere and nightly entertainment, it looks to still be a long road ahead until things are back to “normal”. While Old Town Public House awaits a reopening with no timeline yet in sight, we wanted to take a look at where the familiar faces are today and how they’re holding up.

Feed LKN through showing some Neighborhood CARE

The C.A.R.E. Center already served as a drop-off point for food items, and has now ramped up the operations, to fully focus on food collection and distribution. The C.A.R.E. center located 19711 Smith Circle is the official hub and food pantry for the general Old Town Cornelius area.