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The comforts of home during the stay-at-home order can include things like a fresh cooked meal and a well-stocked pantry. The Neighborhood C.A.R.E.Center is striving to provide those comforts.

The Neighborhood C.A.R.E. Center‘s focus has shifted tremendously during the past few weeks. The guitar classes, gear-up bike shop, daily tutoring at the learning zone, ESL classes, life-skill and job search workshops are among the list of pre-pandemic programs offered at the C.A.R.E. Center that are being put on hold to meet the growing need to feed families in the community.
The C.A.R.E. Center already served as a drop-off point for food items, and has now ramped up the operations, to fully focus on food collection and distribution. The C.A.R.E. center located 19711 Smith Circle is the official hub and food pantry for the general Old Town Cornelius area.

Tyler sorting through the bins of food being provided as breakfast and lunch to over 400 children every day.

Stepping inside, resembled a warehouse assembly line. Tyler, an employee at Grace Covenant Church explained the system. One room for sorting, one room for packing the daily meals and another room for gathering together the weekly drop-off bags. Each bag labeled with an address and a check-sheet. Each bag representing a family in our community, a pantry in a kitchen near you being filled.

Bags for weekly distribution to over 150 local families.
Each bag lists its contents.

The bags and boxes are being filled due to the dedicated individuals in our community and a network of area churches.

The Reach

The Neighborhood C.A.R.E. Center is currently currently supplying daily breakfasts and lunches to 400 school age children (800 meals a day) and delivering bags of non-perishable foods weekly to about 150 local families.

Tyler says that number has been increasing over the past few weeks. If you or someone you know are seeking assistance in providing meals for your family call the C.A.R.E. center. (704-255-5500) If you are in their local delivery area, they can assist you or refer you to another food pantry service that may be in your area. The local area is east of I-77, basically from Hwy 115 to Highway 21.

A thank you sign created by some of the children that receive daily breakfast and lunch is displayed outside.


There are many ways to donate food to the C.A.R.E. Center. Come by and drop off non-perishable items in one of the bins located on the front porch at any time.

Love LKN, a church based at Oak Street Mill, 19725 Oak St, holds a weekly drop off each Sunday 3-4pm. This past week added a second drop off time slot to assist in the growing demand.

Jerel Law delivering food collected from weekly food drives organized by LOVE LKN.
Plastic bins on the front porch to drop-off non-perishable items

Tyler mentioned individuals from many other area churches are regularly dropping supplies on the front porch. The support system is strong which makes the mission possible.


Saturday night entertainment options are looking a bit different these days, a benefit dinner and show has been organized to support the C.A.R.E. Center.

Join us at Bin 110, 19712 One Norman Blvd this Saturday to drive-up and drop-off. The C.A.R.E. Center will be on-site accepting both Food and Monetary donations. Bin 110 will offer to-go beer/growler/wine service. Crisp Catering is offering a pre-made Baked Ziti or Buffalo Chicken Mac-n-cheese, including salad and bread. Take it home, heat in the oven and enjoy a live stream concert from the popular band, Brightside. A portion of the proceeds of the beverage and meal sales will be donated to Neighborhood C.A.R.E.

Neighborhood C.A.R.E. Center History and Mission

In 2014, a compassion ministry team from Grace Covenant Church interviewed community leaders and residents to identify practical programs that would lead to individual betterment and spiritual transformation. The Neighborhood C.A.R.E. Center began operating in November, 2016 and is now connecting those who want to help neighbors with those neighbors who want help improving their lives.

Meeting people where they are and helping them become what God created them to be.

Neighborhood C.A.R.E. center mission statement
The Care Circle

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