2018 Fall ‘Tawba Walk: The Inside Scoop

Looking for an event to attend this weekend with everything from food to live music to local arts and goods? Search no further because the 2018 Fall 'Tawba Walk may be just the event for you!

This Saturday from 2-8pm come out to Oak Street Mill and enjoy all of the local specialties that Cornelius has to offer.

Founded in 2012, the semi-annual ‘Tawba Walk was created so that residents could experience the abundance of talent that exists in Lake Norman’s thriving arts culture while making meaningful connections within the community. It has also become a significant opportunity for local artists and businesses to maintain a semi-annual platform to share their unique story and talent with the people in their own community. Most importantly, the ‘Tawba Walk is able to showcase just how amazing the Lake Norman area is when we all pull together and let our passions and talents shine.

This time the lineup of food and artists is fully stacked, setting the stage for a great afternoon of local tastings and entertainment.
Our first feature is Justin R. Christenbery and his legendary art. Justin is one of a kind artist who paints with an unmatched sense of passion for self-knowledge through art. His hope is that the pieces he creates may inspire reflection and thought-provoking notions in his audience, aiming to give them the same sense of understanding and peace that painting brings him. In addition to this, Justin often includes writings with his artwork that are insightful and beckon his viewers to think more deeply about the piece. This uniquely philosophical approach to art is what makes Justin’s work a true masterpiece. This Saturday at 'Tawba Walk one of Justin’s incredible pieces will be given away to a lucky attendee. Stop by the Bella Love booth for your chance to enter and win this exclusive work!

Next, we move on to the rockin’ activities that will take place on the not one, but TWO stages at ‘Tawba Walk. The stages will be located at Town Hall and Oak Street Mill. On the Town Hall Stage, Silvertrain kicks off the performances with a show at 2:00 PM, followed by The Hawthornes at 3:15 PM. After that, you can expect MC3 Band to rock the stage at 4:45 PM and for Calvin Edwards Trio to take the show home at 6:30 PM. On the Oak Street Mill stage, Rock Brown and Friends open the show at 2:00 PM and are followed by LAYLO at 3:15 PM. The jam session continues with Irrashional at 4:45 PM and is closed by Goodnight Brothers Band at 6:30 PM.

Rocking out to all of that music may start to make your tummy rumble but have no fear for we have thirteen food trucks (in multiple food truck courts) and five breweries and cideries coming to join us for 'Tawba Walk. No matter what you have a hankering for, odds are we have a food truck that will make you go “mmmm”. This year, participating food trucks include: A Worthy Dog, Sugar Daddy’s, Ole Buddy’s Oinker Express, Taco Green Go, Improper Pig’s The Oinker, Lobster Dogs, Mambo on Rudeaus, Marlie Q’s Caribbean Queen, Texas 2 Carolina Smokehouse, Lady Go Go’s, Queen City Sliders, B’s Grill, and Carolina Smash Truck. To wash down all of that delicious food, make sure to grab a drink from D9 Brewing, Ass Clown Brewing, Eleven Lakes Brewing, Olde Mecklenburg Brewing, or Red Clay Cider!

After your cravings have been satisfied and you need to “walk off” all the different goodies you enjoyed, there will be booths from over 100 different local artists, craftsmen, and businesses for you to check out. For the visual art enthusiasts, there will be booths that feature paintings and pottery from talented artists in the Lake Norman Area. If you are more of a wearable goods kind of art lover there are booths that will feature leather goods, jewelry, and knit goods. For those who love to be surrounded by lovely scents, there will be stands with local soaps, lotions, and candles for you to “sniff out". For the kiddos, there will be booths that feature kids stuffed animals and toys. If you are looking for something to become more active with there will be booths with information about local classes in anything from dance to martial arts. Finally, there will be booths for our local business sponsors!

Last but certainly not least there will be a Kid Zone hosted by our friends at Newsong Church. Every year, Newsong puts together an AWESOME zone of activities for babies, fur babies, and kids of all ages. These engaging activities give the kiddos a chance to play and make new friends and you the chance to sit back, relax, and have fun watching the kids have a blast! The Kid Zone will be open during the entirety of the ‘Tawba Walk so feel free to stop by at any time to give the kids a chance to play (and maybe tire them out a bit for you).
With all of these exciting activities, you aren’t going to want to miss out on the 2018 Fall ‘Tawba Walk this Saturday. So, grab your kids, family, friends, neighbors, and furry friends and come out to have a blast and make memories with your loved ones and community. Hope to see you there!