We are OTC

Old Town Cornelius has long been used to describe the parts of town east of I-77– original homes, buildings, and long-standing small businesses maintaining pockets of charm and tradition amid rapid town-wide growth and development. With the addition of the Antiquity neighborhood, along with new businesses and public spaces, Old Town is growing in size and in scope, and OTC is helping to shape it.

OTC is more than a committed few working to support and expand the local arts and culture scene in Old Town. OTC is energy. OTC is events. OTC is an arts-promotion machine. OTC is an online community as well as a geographic one. OTC is momentum. OTC is a movement. And we want you to join us.

A Rising Tide

In addition to facilitating the planning and execution of most of the arts and culture-based events in Old Town, OTC supports local artists and arts leaders by telling their stories and spotlighting them at events. The OTC team aims to cultivate and grow the already thriving cultural heart of Old Town, and to make it THE destination for arts and culture in the region. A thriving arts scene supports its artists, inspires its residents, and supports all local businesses, as it creates more opportunities for people to come here and come together.


The website is a key resource for our community. On it we will spotlight our local artists, hear from our residents, and bring you tons of event information–At last! A comprehensive events calendar.

With a strong team of local contributing writers, lots of new and compelling cultural events planned and to-be-planned, and an impressive and ever-growing cadre of local artistic and cultural leaders, this site will be the go-to arts resource for residents.

So join us. Come out to events. Check out our website. Interact with us on social media. Expand your exposure to the arts. We – all of us – are OTC.

Christina is a local multimedia content producer and digital strategist. Formerly the editor of CorneliusNews.net, she is thrilled to work with the OTC team to once again help tell the ever-evolving Cornelius story. She lives nearby with her husband, Nate, and a small menagerie of 2- and 4-legged beasties.