Reflection Series: Part Three: Resolution of Peace and Justice

Old Town Cornelius introduces this reflection series as a way to empower the voices in our community to express their thoughts and feelings about the uncertainty and discomfort of the current social climate.

Throughout this series, we hope to begin the dialogue that is so important to initiate change in our community and in our world.

Additionally, we hope that this series can document the current state of our world, and allow us to all reflect.

Part Three: The Shepherds, Pastors and Clegy

Resolution of Peace and Justice

Shepherds, Pastors and Clergy of the Charlotte Mecklenburg region hereby submit the Resolution of Peace and Justice below:

Resolution of Peace and Justice

We, the undersigned Shepherds, Pastors and Clergy of the Charlotte Mecklenburg region and citizens of the State of North Carolina, hereby resolve and affirm the worth, dignity and humanity of all those who live, work and serve in our community. We uphold and defend the constitutional right of our citizens to redress their grievances in an orderly, lawful and peaceful fashion. 

We resolve that the elected officials of our city, county and State would ensure and require that any and all protests and demonstrations be conducted in a lawful and peaceful fashion, as to not recklessly endanger the lives and property of our citizens, nor needlessly jeopardize the safety of our Law Enforcement. We also resolve that those elected representatives would uphold and respect the liberties, speech and rights of all the citizens with no biases or partialities to any given group or political persuasion. 

We further resolve and communicate our sincere gratitude to the Law Enforcement family for their courageous, selfless sacrifices in an earnest effort to ensure the safety and protection of all the citizens and their property in our community. We also determine that the Law Enforcement family is a vital, significant and important part of our community and deserves our utmost respect and honor. We oppose any efforts, actions or policies implemented by our elected city, county or State representatives to defund Law Enforcement. We believe such efforts would needlessly restrict, limit and hinder police from achieving their sworn duties of protecting and serving our communities, thereby diminishing the safety and welfare of our citizens. 

We, the undersigned, also resolve and affirm our unyielding commitment and devotion to all the citizens of our city, county and State. The spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of all the residents of our State and nation is dear to us and remains critically important to our mission and charge as Shepherds, Pastors and Clergy. 

Respectfully Written and Executed,  

Dr. Threatt, The Threatt Report

The following Shepherds, Pastors and Clergy of the Charlotte Mecklenburg region hereby submit the Resolution of Peace and Justice above:

Pastor Bonnie Chavda — All Nations Church

Pastor Talbot Davis — Good Shepherd Church

Mrs. Cindy Decker — All Nations Church

Pastor McLean Faw — Joy Christian Fellowship: Matthews

Pastor Luke Faw — Joy Christian Fellowship: Matthews

Pastor Hamani R. Fisher — Life Center International

Pastor Robyn Gool — Victory Christian Center

Bishop Larry Jackson — Bethel Outreach International Center

Bishop Dr. Jim Logan — Kingdom Fellowship Christian Center

Apostle Terrell Murphy — Life Center International

Mr. Hank Rooney — The Serving Leader Project

Pastor Jeff Roy — The Refinery Church

Apostle Jeff Sanders — Word Life Center International

Mr. Douglas Small — Project Pray: Charlotte

Pastor Dr. Leon Threatt — Christian Faith Center Charlotte

Pastor Darrell Williams — Core Church International

Bishop Rick Williams — Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations

If you would like to share your point of view, please email with your reflection.

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