Psycho Beach Party Is Some Comically Twisted Fun in the Sun!

Sun and sand. Beach music, swimsuits and surfboards. And, of course, multiple personalities! Psycho Beach Party is fun. It has the right amount of innuendo, enough adult jokes to make the most experienced of us blush and will likely have you giggling well into the night.
The blue sky and sand-tinted stage, 60’s beach music and the intimate lay out of the Warehouse PAC, offers a comfortable, California beach atmosphere. Now, I’ve never actually been to a California beach in person, but I have seen syndicated reruns of Gidget and a few episodes of The O.C., so I think I have a vague grasp on the west coast beach scene.

Once the play gets started, it moves pretty efficiently from one scene to the next: beach, apartment, beach, beach party, apartment…you get the picture. And trying not to include any spoilers, I’ll just say when the “psycho” comes out during this show, you will be laughing! There were many highlights in the production, but one that I’ll mention is the “Austin Powers-esque” dance break with the full cast. I honestly wasn’t expecting it and it fits right in with the theme of the show.

Overall, I think you will enjoy Psycho Beach Party. To be clear, it does have some racy, adult moments…maybe it would receive an ‘R’ rating for adult language and content in Hollywood. But it is presented in a fun manner. The show may get some blood into your cheeks at moments, but it will also put some chuckles in your belly. Go check this one out.
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