Did You Know? Liberty Stables

The Liberty Stable located at the far right of this photo was later converted to a Ford Dealership when horse and buggy’s became obsolete.🐎
This string of buildings in Old Town Cornelius is still standing today!! Can you name any of the other businesses that were located here throughout the years?
(Circa 1920s: Members of the Fiddler, Westmoreland, Readling, Little, & Mayhew family are seen here. 📷: courtesy Jack Conard Jr.)

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Jess Boye
Jess Boye
I live here in Old Town Cornelius and absolutely love our area's unique character. My life's calling is to work to bring art and culture to the forefront of everyday life. I work full-time for Bella Love, Inc and taking care of my adorable son, Kipton.

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