Spring 2019 Tawba Walk Food Truck Line Up!

Tawba Walk Food Truck Line Up!

The area's best restaurants on 4-wheels come to Old Town for the Tawba Walk Arts & Music Festival! Enjoy an entire fleet of food trucks ready and eager to serve up some of the mobile cuisine this side of the Mississippi.So find your favorite truck, or venture out of the box and try something new... either way, get ready for a good 'ole fashion chow down in Old Town!

---> Food Freaks
---> Carolina Smash Truck
---> Scratch Kitchen
---> Momo Truck
---> Ole Buddy's Oinker Express
---> Taco Green Go
---> Lobster Dogs
---> GOGI
---> Marlie Q's Caribbean Queen
---> A Worthy Dog
---> Two Chicks and a Truck
---> Jive Turkey Legs
---> B's Grill
---> Clean Juice
---> Hillbilly Bob's Soda

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