Social Distancing and Group Exercise at Lake Norman YMCA

Exterior of the Lake Norman YMCA

If you haven’t been inside the Lake Norman YMCA in awhile, you may notice things look a little different. There is a temperature screening when you walk in the door, and the staff wear masks as they walk around. But changes due to our recent environment are not all that’s new. Massive renovations occurred over the past months, turning the Lake Norman YMCA into a beautiful and safe area for recreation and wellness.


The sleek, redone front entrance features charging stations at socially-distanced workplaces. New workout areas include an exercise room, functional fitness area, and barre studio. A fully renovated spin studio and outdoor fit-yard are coming soon as well. Social distanced ground markings and signs facilitate safe workout spaces. Areas where there is not enough room to social distance are marked with x’s. 

Signs and Social Distance Markings in the New Fitness Area

In addition to utilizing the new individual exercise spaces, the Lake Norman YMCA is now open for group exercise classes as well. Depending on your level of comfort, there are classes offered both indoors and outdoors at this time, weather permitting.

New Group Exercise

I was lucky enough to try one of these new “socially-distanced” cycle classes. Before the class, I was both excited and nervous. I hadn’t stepped foot inside a gym since March, and while I enjoyed running and spending extra time walking my dog, nothing quite beats the community vibes and encouragement from a group exercise class. 

The class took place on the pool deck under an awning to keep out of the sun. The bikes sat in two rows to keep social distancing guidelines, and our instructor, Knox, wore a mask while walking around before class. Other than that, however, it felt like any other cycle class. The music was pumping, and Knox led us through a vigorous workout. He went above merely pushing us and reminding us to keep good form. He also encouraged us to embrace every moment and truly feel good.

A Bike in the New Functional Fitness Area

As I sweat on the bike, it struck me how much I needed this. Being in a socially distanced setting but still around others, working together towards a common goal was powerful. I was able to connect with others and go beyond myself. For the first time since March, I truly let go.

I highly recommend giving the Lake Norman YMCA a look for your new exercise regimen. It is a great opportunity for growth, fun, and community, and they have plenty of offerings for everyone. See you there!

Lake Norman YMCA Website

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