Painting the Picture: Business Spotlight: SpeedPro Imaging

Larger than life dreams become reality: 50 foot tall wall mural printed by SpeedPro Imaging


They say that art is in the eye of the beholder, but the integrity of a true piece of art begins long before it’s creation. Instead, it begins within the vision and ingenuity of the artist who draws thoughtful inspiration from muses in their surroundings, taking the time to hone in on the elements that would make the piece truly sensational. This kind of personalized and thoughtful creative process can be found at local design shop SpeedPro Imaging.

SpeedPro Imaging is a national network of premium, large format imaging centers. SpeedPro Imaging is located in Cornelius Commerce Center on Bailey Road. 

The owners, Lynn & Craig Bakstad, come from a background in advertising photography and graphic design. Last year they launched SpeedPro Imaging North Charlotte and Pure Design to feed their creative itch since selling their company in Chicago six years ago. They have had the pleasure of calling Lake Norman their home for the past 12 years and are happy to be working with local businesses and clientele with SpeedPro Imaging and Pure Design.

SpeedPro Imaging is a national network of premium, large format imaging centers. They cater to the discerning customer who is seeking top-notch service and high-quality graphics. SpeedPro’s products include signs, vehicle graphics, wall murals, architectural finishes, window graphics (including etched glass), banners, floor graphics, and trade show items. Producing market-leading, high-resolution wide-format branding graphics, SpeedPro can design, print and install, so clients enjoy a single, integrated service partnership. Their focus is on color quality and production speed at a competitive price, which helps companies maintain brand consistency.

SpeedPro’s products include signs, vehicle graphics, wall murals, architectural finishes, window graphics (including etched glass), banners, floor graphics, and trade show items.

Pure Design is a multi-use space adjacent to SpeedPro in the new Cornelius Commerce Center. It is mainly used as a photo studio, accommodating the photography and image needs of SpeedPro customers. With a custom hi-end kitchen, it’s also available to rent for photographers, cooking classes, team building, and other events.

Both SpeedPro and Pure Design collaborate with businesses, graphic designers, advertising & marketing agencies, architects, artists, and photographers to create the highest quality images and large format output available.

The Custom(er) Experience

To truly understand the unique and personal nature of SpeedPro Imaging’s work I wanted to get the inside scoop from one of their customers. I was able to sit down with local business owner Jess Boye to discuss her experiences with the company. “Working with SpeedPro Imaging is always personalized and professional… and most importantly uniquely artistic! We have had many signs and banners created over the years and SpeedPro has been the first company to really add the unique artist’s touch to each of our projects.” She added that SpeedPro is always willing to take on the toughest and most creative tasks and deliver products that exceed every expectation.

“The most challenging project in which SpeedPro executed exceptionally well has been the ceiling to floor wall decal that serves at as the ‘backdrop’ to the stage area of Brick Row. Before this decal was added, this corner to our community hub/event venue was void of color and character. Being the location where the stage is set up for performances, it was a visual focal point of the room and we knew we needed something appropriate yet meaningful to serve as a backdrop. The artists and consultants from SpeedPro Imaging came up with the idea of bricks as the backdrop; seemingly fitting, as the space is named Brick Row. The image created from SpeedPro was a super high resolution, completely realistic decal of a photo of the actual brick wall on the exterior of the space captured by one of the artists! Any sign or print shop could have pulled a stock image of a brick wall to serve as our wall decal, but SpeedPro went the extra mile to create a custom image from something so very meaningful to our not only our business but to our community.”

When asked to touch on the significance of the space, Jess was able to explain the rich history of the area. “Brick Row, the community event venue and gathering space, is named this as a throwback to the original Brick Row found in Old Town Cornelius. The original Brick Row was a string of shops in a brick building along the railroad tracks where the citizens of the early days would meet and “do life together.” There was a barber shop, a pool hall, a shoe repair store, a general store, and many more businesses that catered to the everyday needs of the local community. This structure has since been demolished, however, with the resurgence of the Old Town Cornelius area serving as a community hub, we have named our space Brick Row. It is currently home to an art gallery with rotating exhibits and is additionally a multi-use flex space that serves as a meeting space for groups, workshops, concerts, performances, yoga classes, coffee chats and more. You dream it, we can make it a reality; much like SpeedPro capturing the authentic image of the community space in Oak Street Mill, while also complimenting the interior design of our building.”

Performers, The Kevin Goodwin Band on stage at Brick Row with the iconic and meaningful back drop created by SpeedPro Imaging.

Interview with SpeedPro Imaging

Cassidy: What sets SpeedPro Imaging apart from other design companies? 

SpeedPro: Here at SpeedPro Imaging North Charlotte, we produce new and fresh ideas daily in order to meet our clients changing needs. We not only want to be a supplier but also a partner for visual communications. We love the creative process and to help find solutions. Our focus is on color quality and production speed at a competitive price, which helps companies maintain brand consistency with less hassle. We’re a team and have a common goal.

Cassidy: We have heard that SpeedPro Imaging goes above and beyond to make their graphics very personalized and unique to clients. Could you briefly describe the kind of creative process you take to really get into the mindset of your clients and their needs?

SpeedPro: We consult with our clients from day one — we want to partner with them from conception to delivery, whether it’s branding an office or a fleet of vehicles, making sure everything is a fit and that our clients are happy. The experience will last well beyond the project — we want to create environments that have a big impact on our clients and their businesses.

Cassidy: Do you have a favorite project you have worked on recently? If so, could you tell me a little more about it and what really made it stand out?

SpeedPro: We just recently had the honor of designing and producing a 6’ round medallion for the BoatYard Eats family, commemorating the Fallen Heroes of North Carolina who fought in the Iraqi War. It is displayed on the outdoor backstage at BoatYard which was unveiled for Veterans Day.

Cassidy: What are your biggest influences when you are designing?

There’s no better way to get inspired than to see good design in action. It gets the brain ticking and to drive new ideas. If we’re looking for a creative boost, design blogs and websites with galleries filled with categories related to a current project is a great resource. It’s a melting pot of styles, art, and photography that can help come up with our own concept. There is a lot of merit in keeping a wide range of magazines, books, publications, and even marketing material. Everything that comes through the door is a treasure trove of potential inspiration.

SpeedPro Imaging

Cassidy: What is your favorite part about your job? 

SpeedPro: After all of the collaboration, design, and determining the best material, it’s the “wow” factor of seeing the final product installed.

Installation is part of the professional services Speedpro Imaging specializes in

Cassidy: Does SpeedPro Imaging have anything big coming up or any big future plans?

SpeedPro: We are having a lot of success working with commercial interior designers and architects, creating large wall murals for both retail and corporate. The beauty of custom printed wall murals is that they reach out and grab people’s attention. They are also the perfect way to show off a product or service to people who visit your business. Creating ambiance for a restaurant, emphasizing corporate culture in a business, or adding a finishing touch to an interior design, these colorful display graphics can transform any space with vivid colors while conveying your message or your brand to potential customers.

SpeedPro Imaging is a design company who is truly dedicated to their customers, going the extra mile to ensure that their products deliver results that accurately capture the uniquity of each client and project that walks through their door. 

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