Off-the-Wall, What’s in your Attic, Hops for Hope and The Chaos Accords, all THIS WEEK!

The inside scoop on a few of the best happenings in OTC each week!

Off-the-Wall Paint Off and Spoken Word Open Mic
Friday, September 22
7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Studio 13, 19725 Oak St Unit 13
$5 cover at the door

How it works: Artists will have a bucket next to their easel for you to put your suggestions in on what they should paint. But not just any ordinary suggestions! Think more like “a crocodile riding a unicycle” anything zany or “off the wall”! Artists will pick blindly from the bucket to determine what they will paint, and will have 1 hour to complete! Proceeds will be going to Artists Recovery Movement to help them get art supplies for their out reach programs!
The incredible Shane Manier will be co-hosting this event. Manier is a poet, a painter and a community advocate, read her full story here in the OTC Artist Spotlight. Manier is also a memeber of the Cornelius Cultural Arts Group (CCAG) Artist Collective. Spoken Word will be performed during the Live Painting. Participating Artists include: CFour Black, April Lytle, Chelsea Schmidt, Justin Christenbery, Maguerico Manuel Nye and more!
Craft Beer and Wine Available

Trash-or-Treasure? What’s in Your Attic?
Saturday, September 23
9:00 am- 12:00 pm
Town Hall Lawn, 21445 Catawba Ave

Calling all fans of Antique Road Show and American Pickers…! Now is your chance to play “show and tell!” The Town of Cornelius Historic Preservation Committee is hosting the 4th Annual “Trash or Treasure: What’s in your Attic?” at Town Hall Saturday Sept 23. Experts in ceramics, paintings, books, prints, toys, folk art, collectibles, furniture and other categories will examine your items to help uncover the history behind what’s in your attic, barn or shed. We can’t wait to learn about our area’s wonderful history from the items you bring!

Hops for Hope Community Fundraiser
Saturday, September 22
1: 00 pm-5:00 pm
Eleven Lakes Brewing, 10228 Bailey Rd Suite 201

There has been a lot of buzz on the street lately centered around OTC’s newest memeber to the #Brewnelius family, Eleven Lakes Brewing. This Saturday afternoon is the perfect time to hop on in and sample some of their signature brews while supporting a wonderful charity in the LKN region. The Hops for Hope charity event features delicious treats from “Beyond Decadence<” the Lake’s first mobile pop-up bakery with “Girlie Jams,” all hand-made jams with exotic flavors such as Peach Habanero and Jalapeno Fig! All proceeds will go to support the Hope House Foundation. We recommend trying a Paddle Session IPA or a Coconut Porter to round out the afternoon!

Choas Accords: art opening for Rico Nye
Saturday, September 22
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Old Town Public House, 21314 Catawba Ave

Rico Nye

\OTPH keeps the walls fresh with a brand new opening reception scheduled for the Saturday. Rico Nye will be in person to meet and greet while displaying the series entitled, “The Chaos Accords.” From Nye’s Artist Statement,

The paintings in this collection are “Random Acts of Organized Chaos,” (RAOC), moments of unscripted creativity live-painted over the past year. Allowing random people to take control of the creative process, forced me to relinquish my artistic control, freeing myself from the intimidation of a blank canvas, the fdear of beginning and tripping at the finish line.
We live in the age of “right now”. Instant gratification with little gratitude. We take ownership of it, so much that we lose sight of the purpose of knowledge…the source of humanity, Sharing.
Special Thanks to all the kids and adults that took part in this collaborative movement.”

Nye will be accepting guests from 6:00 – 9: 00 pm and will paint a piece live to accompany the sounds of The Goodnight Brothers Band scheduled to perform beginning around 8:30 pm. Rico is an active member of the Cornelius Cultural Arts Group (CCAG) Artist Collective and can also be seen in action at many of the OTC events.

I live here in Old Town Cornelius and absolutely love our area's unique character. My life's calling is to work to bring art and culture to the forefront of everyday life. I work full-time for Bella Love, Inc and taking care of my adorable son, Kipton.