Ulti Futbol Is The Answer to Your Cage Soccer Training Wishes

Soccer in a cage? Absolutely. The hottest soccer training technology from Europe and Asia has finally arrived in the United States. In fact, it is starting right here in the Lake Norman Area with Ulti Futbol.

Improve your footwork inside the cage with a friend!

The Story

8 sides, 3 minutes, 2 players, and 1 ball— Ulti Futbol is pioneering the European trend of cage soccer right here in Lake Norman. After watching his son grow in his infatuation with soccer, Ryan Kotis, Lake Norman resident and founder of Ulti Futbol, dreamt up the latest adaptation of the sport.  

After researching more into innovative renditions of soccer, particularly 1 v 1 cage soccer which has grown popular in Asia and across Europe, Kotis concluded that “There were no available options anywhere near the Lake Norman Area.” Thus, he set out to construct his own version of the cage soccer game, which he now shares with the entire community through Ulti Futbol.

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The design of the game optimizes player contact with the ball to improve their skills!

The Rules

The rules are simple. There are two players in the cage for three minutes. Typically with larger groups, rounds are played “knockout style” to determine who is the Ulti(Futbol)mate champion.  To win, you must either score the most points on your opponent by the time the clock runs out or kick the ball between their legs for an automatic win (a “nutmeg” or “meg” for those who speak soccer).  

Test your offensive and defensive skills!

The Game

Kotis described the game “like a dance” as a it proves fundamental in building the muscle memory vital for soccer athletes. The confinement of the cage makes every second of the three minutes active, and assures players maximum contact with the ball. While the cage may be especially useful for training purposes, it is fun for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether it is the first time you are hitting the turf or you are a guru with the soccer ball, Ulti Futbol will surely provide you with a one-of-a-kind, active, and fun experience.

Where To Play

Interested in getting in the cage yourself? Ulti Futbol will be at the Charlotte Independence Soccer Stadium on June 15 for anyone to play! Their cages are also available for rent for birthday parties and other events! Check out their website for more information and pricing.

Photo Credit: Clayton Joe Young Photography and Ulti Futbol Website

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