Main St Art Exhibition, Live Comedy and Free Rock Concert… this week in OTC!

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Main Street Art Exhibition
Friday, Nov. 18
6 p.m.
Café Elie, 20700 N. Main St.

Café Elie is much more than a coffee shop like the name implies–it is an art studio where the talented Elie Bou Zeidan instructs students of all ages, with diverse arts backgrounds. Born in Lebanon, Zeidan is a world-renowned artist who has been painting since he was 13 years old. He created the Café Des Artistes mural, displayed on the 21000 block of Catawba Avenue for the past three years.

Manis and Zeiden (bottom row) pictured here with students of the popular Sip-n-Sketch events.
Manis and Zeiden (bottom row) pictured here with students of the popular Sip-n-Sketch events.

The Main Street Exhibition features work from Zeidan’s students throughout the year.

“I really can’t say enough about Elie Bou Zeidan. He is a master artist amazing teacher and truly wonderful human being. I have learned so much from Elie. I had never painted in my life and I now will be exhibiting my artwork Friday evening for my eighth exhibit. I am so proud of myself and how much progress I have made in my journey of oil painting. I would highly recommend Cafe Elie if you would like to delve into the world of painting with oil or acrylic. You could not find a more inviting warm environment or a better instructor. We are so lucky to have Elie here in our wonderful town of Cornelius,” said Lynn Manis, one of Zeidan’s student-artists for the last six years.

Visiting the Main Street Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in local art and support the movement of cultural growth in Old Town Cornelius. Complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres will be provided.


Now Are the Foxes Improv Comedy Show
Saturday, Nov. 19
8 p.m.
Warehouse Performing Arts Center, 9216 Westmoreland Rd.

They’re at it again! The hilarious improv group Now Are the Foxes will be hamming it up on the Warehouse Performing Arts Theatre Stage Saturday. Improv comedy is a special genre of live comedy in which the audience dictates the flow and tone of the show. Now Are the Foxes is a regionally acclaimed group that takes audience interaction and laughs to a whole new level.

When asked what sets Now Are the Foxes apart from any other touring group, founder Cale Evans said:

“It takes more than just being a ‘funny person’ to be in Now Are the Foxes. A “Fox” is real, cares about their art and their community, and is committed to the healing power of laughter. And loves fart jokes.”

We sat down with the Foxes earlier this fall to learn more about this unique group. Read our interview in the Artist Spotlight section. Reserve your tickets here.



Dukes & Smith FREE Concert–Pre-Holiday Bash
Saturday, Nov. 19
8 p.m.
Oak St. Mill, 19725 Oak St.

Help Dukes and Smith pack the house for their special holiday concert Saturday, Nov. 19. There’s no charge to attend, that’s right–it’s FREE–and you might even make it into their promotional video!

The theme is “Hollywood meets holiday,” so feel free to come dressed accordingly. The atmosphere is going to be a heck of a lot of fun, so prepare to cut loose and shake a leg at this event.

“We aim to provide an experience of music and fun–fun being the primary component,” said founding member Buddy Dukes, who plays guitar, keys and vox. “Our musical taste is a bit schizophrenic–we play feel good tunes from all genres, anything from Prince, to Garth Brooks to Train.”


Exclusive OTC insider info: as an added incentive, Dukes and Smith are buying the first 20 beers for the first patrons to arrive. Free entertainment, free beer, what more could anyone ask for on a Saturday night?

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