Culinary Arts on Four Wheels at 2nd Friday

The best type of dinner? Brought to you and served fresh, and prepared on four wheels! Here are all the must-eats you can find at the August 9 2nd Friday Street Festival.  At the upcoming 2nd Friday, you can eat at Momo Truck, Crafty Burg’r, Carolina Smash Truck, Lobster Dogs, or Clean Juice. Stick around… Continue reading Culinary Arts on Four Wheels at 2nd Friday

TGIF! An Inside Look Into 2nd Friday Street Festivals

In honor of another 2nd Friday coming to a close, we thought we would share with you some of our #2ndFridayFestival memories! Between the food trucks, drinks, live music, and shopping, there is a lot to be excited about at 2nd Friday. Here are some of the highlights from our time at the July 12th Festival.