Show some love for the “Music Lover”

Benefit Showcase for David “Musiclover” Gibson

There are some people in life that set the vibe to a whole room. These individuals have a way that puts peoples’ minds and hearts at ease as they soulfully share through their talents. If you have the pleasure of knowing percussionist David Gibson, you know he is blessed with these gifts.

Gibson, better known as David “Musiclover” Gibson has been an
an instrumental (literally!) part of the OTC community and needs our support while going through some recently diagnosed medical issues.
David performs with well-known groups in the local area such as The Goodnight Brothers Band, Nathan Randall Band, Ezra Root, Spencer Bloodworth Project and more.

He is a key player in the cultivating the tight-knit musical community and co-hosts the Monday Night Open Jam at OTPH. Monday Night Jams, hosted every other week, have brought countless talented individuals together over a common bond.

Anytime David has performed with Rock Brown and Friends and the Monday night jams he’s always been a soulful, solid drummer who keeps the groove clean and tight. As a friend.. he’s a beautiful person inside and out. Always a hug and respect for me as a older musician and Bassplayer.

–Rasheed Rock Brown

Old Town Public House {OTPH}, 21314 Catawba Ave will host a benefit showcase on Friday, Mar 29 beginning at 7:30 pm. Dr Wayne Christensen, a fellow musician, approached OTPH owner and friend Case Warnemunde about the idea for the showcase and has arranged for live performances featuring members of The Bloodworth Project, The Goodnight Brothers Band, Rock Brown and Friends, Holly Hopkins.

Donations will be taken up throughout the event so come out and enjoy a jam-packed evening of music and show some support for David. If you are unable to make it, other ways to send donations to Gibson are via Paypal, email to: or Venmo, username: musicloverdgibs.

David is a good friend and a hard working musician who has been responsible for bringing a lot of people together through music.

–Glenn Goodnight

When David smiles, it’s from ear to hear. When David hugs, it’s like a bear. When David plays music, it can transport. Let’s all show some love for the Music Lover.

David Gibson performs

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