On Soul-renewal and Rocks

The melding–sometimes subtle, sometimes not–of the shiny new and historic old in Cornelius sometimes gives me reasons to grin.

My latest favorite example is the new Harris Teeter in Antiquity. I have to chuckle when I see the architecture–here, in an historic town where an actual mill was razed decades ago, they erect this “pretend old mill,” complete with fake windows filled with brick. Though it is nice aesthetically, the context lends a certain irony.

As a juxtaposition, just a block from the fancy new/pretend-old supermarket, I work in an old building where the bricked-in windows are authentic. And this melding of the old and the new is what Old Town Cornelius/OTC is all about.

Cultivating Culture

While the OTC team works on its initiative to celebrate art and reimagine and reinvigorate the cultural scene, they’re keeping it real, and allowing others to do the same.

To be honest, I’m pretty ignorant of the local art scene. I don’t even have a tattoo. But I can’t wait to dive in and let all that creative energy wash over me. Thank you in advance to the painters, potters, photographers and other artists whose art forms don’t begin with P’s who will share their talents with all of us.

And to the bands who will play at ‘Tawba Walk on special weekends and smaller stages during the week, play on, and play loud! (I can take out my hearing aide).

The authenticity of the art culture that OTC aims to celebrate and preserve will renew the soul of the town and its residents.

Unexpected Self-Expression

Walking down Catawba Ave. recently, I came across another reason to grin, another form of artistic expression: I spotted a rock nestled at the bottom of a tree. The rock had been painted orange, presumably by a child, and carried a simple message, “peace,” written above a small painting of the earth. I’m guessing it was placed there by one of the locals attending Inclusion Community’s summer camp about love and social justice.

Whether you’re an art expert or an art novice like me, these unexpected pieces of personal expression are things we can all get excited about. They are real. They feed the soul.

Now, I must feed my stomach, so I’m off the lovely new/old “mill.” Perhaps I will find another painted rock along the way.

I live here in Old Town Cornelius and absolutely love our area's unique character. My life's calling is to work to bring art and culture to the forefront of everyday life. I work full-time for Bella Love, Inc and taking care of my adorable son, Kipton.