Fitness & Fun: Kādi Fit’s Creative Movement Program

Creative Movement childcare classes are offered every Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 10:30am at Kādi Fit (19725 Oak Street #3, Cornelius, NC).

When Aissa Vesely started working as the Facility Coordinator and Creative Movement Director at Kādi Fit almost six years ago, she saw an opportunity to use the childcare program as a teaching platform. She incorporated her background as a nanny and dancer into her program by adding aspects of yoga and cardio, mixed in with real life applications for the children. While their parents are working out, the children learn about various topics, from fitness to art. Aissa has even done science experiments with the children, like making slime!

Aissa and her “littles”

When I took Aissa’s class, she taught the children about mosaic art through both facepainting and regular painting. Then she went into some ab workouts that tied to examples about friendship and kindness. She finished the class by throwing a large ball back and forth, and then having them try “wheelbarrow,” in which one child lifts up the other’s legs and they work together to walk across the room. Every activity in this class provides real-life lessons.

Aissa’s goal is to show the children that they can work out in similar ways to their parents and can also have healthy lifestyles. Through the six years she has been working on this program, her dreams have evolved and she envisions even bigger Creative Movement classes. 

“Miss Aissa” stretching with the children during Creative Movement

She believes that classes like this are vital in showing what exercise is really about. Her vision for the program’s future is that it can expand to eventually be a standalone class that parents and whole families can attend. 

With Cornelius being such a strong family community, Aissa loves the concept of mothers and fathers being able to exercise and promote a healthy lifestyle with their children. Aissa shared, “I think [exercise] it’s just a really important thing for them to encourage, but also show strength. ‘Daddy can do it, I can too, and who can do it longer’.”

Volunteers are accepted and encouraged! The main qualification necessary is a love of children. Volunteering for Creative Movement comes with a Kädi Fit membership exchange. 

For more information on volunteering with or participating in Creative Movement classes, visit

All photos courtesy of Aissa Vesely & Kādi Fit

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