How We are Handling the “New Normal”

The past couple months in quarantine has been interesting to say the least. I imagine some of you felt stressed, anxious, or worried about being stuck at home with your families for at least 6-8 weeks.

But were there any other feelings mixed in there? Maybe relief, or excitement? 

Are you relieved to have some extra time to relax?

When this stay-at-home order went into effect, I was both sad for opportunities lost, and excited about the opportunity to spend more time with my family.

I work as a sales manager for a tile company, Gio Tile, and spend time traveling several times a month. When I’m not on the road, I’m in meetings at design firms or working on proposals from the local coffee shop. I love people! My husband loves people too and we regularly entertain guests in our renovated 1940’s home in downtown Cornelius.

We grieved the loss of activities, but quickly realized the opportunity we had in front of us. We had unlimited time to spend with our 3 year old! Like all parents, I’m biased and think he’s cute, but I had not spent an extended period of time with him since maternity leave. This quarantine gives me the opportunity to parent him and support his growth in a way that only parents can! 

How do you combat the chaos that working from home with other family members brings?

Toddler life- never a dull moment!

Working from home, parenting, and not having any alone time can take its toll on any family relationships. A few years ago, I realized that a chaotic space leads to discord in my head and in my family. I put some simple things into practice that have allowed our family to be peaceful during this chaotic season. 

First, I pick up my main space every night – for me that’s my living room so that I have a productive and peaceful morning. I used to get up at least an hour or two before the rest of the family, but now I rise at the same time as them. It is nice to still have a clean space in the morning for us to enjoy.  

Clean living room to start each day.

Second, I meal-plan and grocery shop for a week at a time. During this season, where going out in public is supposed to be limited, I like to do my grocery shopping for the whole week. I plan to cook 2-3 meals a week and we eat leftovers the rest of the time. That way I’m not starting from scratch every night. Sandwiches or yogurt and granola for lunch are an easy go-to regardless of the weather. Knowing what I’m having for dinner allows me to enjoy the rest of the day with my family! 

Meal prepping during the day, saves time at dinner time.

Third, I learned from @emilyley on Instagram: do one load of laundry a day. We are all still wearing clothes. At least I hope! I don’t do this all the time, but the seasons that I have done this makes a huge difference in my stress levels. I start one load, no matter the size, on “quick wash” when I first get up and throw it in the dryer before lunch. Before bed, I’ll fold it quickly and put it away. Voila! No more overwhelming mountains of laundry! 

We’ve found that the best routine for laundry is to do one small load everyday. As soon as you wake up, throw a load of clothes in from the day before. Move it and get it processed throughout the day, and then fold it at night before bed.

Emily Ley, Author, and CEO of Simplified

Read more simplifying tips from Emily Ley here.

Finally, I find it helpful to vacuum or sweep my floors every day and wipe down my counters. When there is dirt or “busyness” on my floor and counters, it’s hard to concentrate on work, making dinner, or even play. 

I don’t always do all of these every day, but implementing one or two when I have a few minutes has allowed peace in the midst of chaos. My family is calmer when there’s less clutter and my body is less antsy when the spaces are clean. And when all else fails, just go outside! 

Outside time is the best time!

About the contributor:
My name is Recah. I’m the wife to Dusten and mom to 3 year old Grayson. I am a licensed interior designer with a passion for color, good design, and people. Nachos and rice crispy treats are at the top of my favorite food list. And if you find me allergy friendly food – we will be best friends forever.

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OTC is quickly becoming a hub for a vibrant and flourishing arts scene. We tell the stories relevant to you: our residents, our visitors, our family and our friends.