“How Many Pints?” Meet OTC’s Craft Beer Specialist: Half Pint

One of the questions I love from friends when out for drinks is, “What kind of beer do you think I would like?”  I am always up for the challenge and there is nothing more exciting than taps before me to seek what beer will quench their palate. I believe there is a craft beer for everybody’s taste, the challenge is having them try different styles until something is appealing to them.

Wendy Raymond: OTC’s Half Pint

I’m Wendy Raymond and this is my new column, “Half Pint”.  I have loved craft beer for over 15 years and have been a brewery photographer for the past five.  Within the past two years, I have made the decision to get from behind the camera and make the brewing industry my life.  I’m currently studying for my Certified Cicerone which is the equivalent to a Certified Sommelier in the wine industry.   

So this is where I come in but why should OTC have a beer column? Well let’s take a look at the flourishing craft beer market here in Cornelius.  

Cornelius has four breweries, Ass Clown Brewing, Bayne Brewing, D9 Brewing Company and Cornelius’ newest brewery, opening last June, Eleven Lakes Brewing Company.  In 2017, these four breweries produced close to 7,300 barrels* of craft beer, which is 1.8M pints.   A little overwhelmed?  That is about 35,000 pints every week that these breweries are producing.  That is a ton of liquid for Cornelius residents to drink on a weekly basis!  Production projections for these breweries for 2018 are looking to be double* what they were for 2017.  The beer geek in me begins to think of what this type of growth will do for these breweries as well as Cornelius commerce…just gives me goose bumps.  

When most people think about craft beer they usually think about breweries however Cornelius also has four unique bottle shops.  Bottled & Tapped, Cornelius Drafthouse, Old Town Public House and Carbonation, all bring a fabulous tap selection of craft beers and bottle selections that one might not find elsewhere.

Cornelius is fortunate to have such a plethora of craft beer outlets to choose from for being a suburban town.  I look forward to sharing with you in greater detail about what this community has to share as far as events, up and coming beers, and these business owners’ victories and concerns. I also look forward to hearing about what you would like to learn about the Cornelius craft beer market.  Very excited to be the OTC “Half Pint” and hope to have a beer with you soon.  Cheers!


Footnote: *Data received from brewery owners.


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