Dukes & Smith FREE Concert: Pre-Holiday Bash

Help Dukes and Smith pack the house for their special Hollywood/Holiday themed concert Saturday, Nov 19. There’s no charge to attend, that’s right – it’s FREE – and you might even make it into their promotional video!

“We aim to provide an experience of music and fun–fun being the primary component,” said founding member Buddy Dukes, who plays guitar, keys and vox. “Our musical taste is a bit schizophrenic–we play feel good tunes from all genres, anything from Prince, to Garth Brooks to Train.”

Witty and outspoken, Todd Smith, who plays drums and vox, says the key to creating the unique musical experience they provide is not taking themselves too seriously.


Joining Dukes and Smith are Patrick Dukes on lead guitar and Tim Vaughan on bass. Patrick, 16, is the youngest band member. He began sitting in with the band at age 10.

The band is a regular at Bella Love open mic nights and has performed all over the area, including opening for the Charlotte Symphony at Bailey Rd Park.

“Getting to meet the members of the symphony and finding common ground as musicians meant a lot to me,” Smith said.

The band will be filming a promotional video at their holiday bash Nov. 19 and encourages everyone to come out for a night of good times and solid entertainment. Come as you are, or dress up with a Hollywood- or Holiday-themed costume.

Saturday, Nov. 19
Doors open at 7:30 p.m., show begins at 8 p.m.
Oak St. Mill, 19725 Oak St.
Admission is FREE

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